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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I live in fear of R2D2...well at least that is what I am calling the baby monitor. I feel at this point the monitor takes on a life of its own. I used to like it when it seemed to give me advanced warning of when the kid is going to wake up. I swear I have woken up to a click and a string of lights and ....silence...only to hear the kid about 5-10 minutes later. Lately however, it seems R2 is pulling a fast one so I sit and stare at the monitor and hope and pray that it wasn't really a peep, beep or click. Or when it is a peep, per our sleep training instructions, we are to wait 5-10 minutes before going in....and boy R2 is really annoying during that time - like "pay attention to me." Please Obi-mama, you're my only hope." Now when I return to bed, uh, couch, I pray to R2 that he will stay silent for the rest of the evening. Sometimes he listens, sometimes well, I'm starting to think R2 and the kid are in cahoots with each other to see how long it will take for mama to go crazy with 2-3 hour sleep stretches. They don't realize - it is not that much longer.

With our apartment being as small as it is, I'm not really sure why R2D2 is still around, but even Luke couldn't part with him, so on we go with our dysfunctional relationship. I mean really, if I'm on the couch and the kid really needs me, I'm thinking I will hear him 20 feet away - concrete walls or not. The other evening we actually thought we heard the kid and turned off the TV and looked at R2 for the answer versus actually going down our creaky hallway to check on him and risk waking him up. Silly baby on the TV and we thought that our perfect child was up again! Thanks R2.

Can't blog when the kid is eating the power cord...

You know this right...otherwise I'll get another "stellar parenting" award, aka "grief" like when I was too busy videotaping my kid knocking his chin on his walker...or swinging him on a swing with no safety strap. Right now I'm letting him play with paper...yes paper that is probably dirty because otherwise he is ...you guessed...trying to put any type of electronic gadget into his mouth. It is fun to watch him crinkle it, then startle himself because the noise freaks him out...and hey, that "toy" was free! Did I tell you that he likes plastic bags too? Gasps... don't worry... I supervise when he puts them over his head (JUST KIDDING).

Friday, May 08, 2009

Keepin it real

Well gosh, the last time I had this long of a hiatus from my blog I was pregnant.... well, sorry to disappoint, I've just been extraordinarily busy with my day job, being hostess with the mostess, travel agent and and and.... well... that damn Facebook killed this blog writing star. I will have to start over with my fan base because I know no one is reading this now when they got the Chin Choppa video to watch over and over on Facebook. It is amazing watching that monster grow...I mean of course Facebook, not babyFinn. I admit with my limited attention span nowadays, a quick blurb and the ability to say "like it" keeps me in the loop with everyone much faster than coming up with Japanese potty humor to share.

I shouldn't say Facebook is all bad since it helps me stay "in touch" (that means sane) with my friends who remind me almost daily to take a chill pill and stop reading so many books on how to properly bring up your child. It is amazing what happens to your "confidence" level (aka freaky parent factor) when you and your husband are basically making it up as you go along. Thank goodness Will doesn't read those books!

So my second Mother's Day is around the corner and true to my blog a year ago - it will be a little crazier at the Claxton house this year - how much crazy will be is anyone's guess! Mommy is going to get her first Japanese haircut (peace be with me) and so more blog inspiration could be on its way.

Happy Mother's Day to every mom out there - I truly appreciate everyone's help, advice, controlled laughter and snickers.