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Monday, April 28, 2008


Well folks we have made it half way. I say we because Finn and Will have both done an excellent job of putting up with my pregnant self. Finn usually reminds me after each meal that I am pregnant with the continuation of heart burn and bloating, but also gives me a few kicks after I reward him (uh, me?) with a few bites of chocolate ice cream. I wonder how long I think those kicks will feel good? :) Will also has been a true sport. Not only does he let me have 6 of the 7 pillows and 80% of the bed at night, he listens sweetly at the breakfast table while I tell him how long its been since I had a bowel movement. Is that too much information or what! I have to blame the unladylikeness on the fact I'm having a boy because I know the kid is going to get back at me with farting in public and announcing to the world where and on what he pee'd on.

And it is after much deliberation that I decided that if I'm going to take a belly picture and show everyone (and remind myself), now is the time. I love my belly, but I fear that if it is this big right now and the kid is not even a pound yet, it is going to be really interesting to me to see what it looks like in August! Maybe then I'll sign up to take some Demi Moore pictures. And you all are dreaming if you think you will see those. Will also indulged me and let me take a picture of him and his (non) belly since I felt like I was doing a police line-up. Hmmmm... maybe if Will does a Demi Moore shot....

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Chinese Calander was right!

Well after an unscheduled trip to the doctor's office on Thursday evening because of spotting we of course got an ultrasound to check everything out and everything looks okay, but the doctor noticed a small contraction (I couldn't feel it) on the monitor. Well of course that freaks me out and so I get a little IV fluid and a few days of bed rest. It is one thing I miss not being home at Brack - the nurses would have given me such grief if I showed up anxious and stressed out. Instead of Sandra Brown, I was indulged by all the doctors and nurses which I think made me more nervous. It probably didn't help that I spent all day Thursday going around to three different meetings at three different places and, um, didn't drink enough water... yeah, I know, who is the prenatal instructor? Hey, I never said that I was a good patient.

Anyway, after looking at the placenta and cervix, etc.. my doctor asked if we wanted to know the baby's sex. We said of course since we didn't really care one way or the other - this just helps with our shopping and choosing between our boy and girl name! So I just have to say - the Chinese Calendar was right. My mom said with the other three nieces and 5 other friends' kids, this Chinese way of figuring out has been 100% so far. So I want to poll all those parents out there to go to the link above and put in the info and see if we can get a more accurate analysis.

That being said, our kid was not shy on the ultrasound and so the other US picture is of Finn in all his glory. I'm sure he'll appreciate this as his very first embarrassing shot with love from his parents.

So I know we are going to get grief for the name, that is just too bad, but we will explain our high level thinking of course. Finn is short for Phineas which starts with a P. Our last name is Claxton which starts with a C. So his initials so far are P__C. Since we are currently living and planning on delivering in China (aka People's Republic of China or PRC) we thought it only fitting to give him the initials of PRC. Groovy, huh? Yeah, yeah, once again, we know we are mad and he may get beat during his school years so that is why I figure I should enlist the help of my peeps to come up with a reasonable middle name. So any "R" suggestions? I'm being serious that I would like suggestions. We have Grandpas with the names: Robert, Raymond and Richard, so I'd rather not choose those specifically versus just honoring them all with his R middle name.... but anything else is fair game. Just don't get too goofy on me - remember the kid has to deal with Phineas already.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Visit to Dracula’s Lair

Or in our case, just a trip to the Shanghai Blood Bank. In his quest to continue his pursuit to reach the 10 gallon club, Will really wanted to look into donating blood here in China, especially since he has O negative blood which can be used by anyone. Since most Chinese are O positive, the more and more foreigners that take up residence here are kinda out of luck if something really bad happens. To make matters even worse, most Chinese are afraid of giving blood for fear of loosing their “qi” or life energy.

Click the link above to read a great article that explains in more detail why they feel the way they do.

Needless to say in my experience with locals hospitals here in China and past news reports of HIV transmission in Southern China from people donating blood, I was a little reluctant to let him do this. Since of course he can be stubborn sometimes, I said he could do it as long as he brought a translator, Patty and me to give the thumbs up and white glove test on the place.

All I have to say is that we were all pleasantly surprised. Well, okay, not surprised that in massive new building that there was only 1 person ahead of us (the waiting room was empty), The questionnaire/intake was pretty much the same along with their procedure. Some of the big differences included having an option of donating 200ml or 400ml (US standard and only option is to donate 500ml) and they fact that you can only donate every 6 months (versus every 8 weeks in US).

After the intake, Will was led down the hallway and was instructed to do a sort of surgical scrub (shouldn’t the nurse be doing that???) and then was brought to a very familiar lounge chair. After convincing the nurse that changing gloves in between patients really wasn’t going to break the center’s budget – it was a rather pleasant experience. Especially since I wasn’t the one donating.

As valiant as Will is, he still admits that his favorite part about the entire donating process is of course the juice and snack afterwards. In Austin, you get to choose from oreos, chocolate chip cookies and of course, Will’s favorite – nutter butters. The Chinese version: packaged tuna crackers which after one whiff, we can't say we recommend.