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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Domo arigato Styx!!

Well when we first arrived in Osaka last Friday I was obviously a bit overwhelmed and dreading another language barrier to get through... I thought I only knew 2 words in Japanese – the two words that EVERYONE knows - Hello (Konnechi-wa) and Goodbye (Syonara); however, Will made an important reminder that I actually did know three – thank to Styx and that song from the days of my early youth – Mr Roboto… so hey, I ACTUALLY know three Japanese words – since domo arigato for those that don’t remember means “thank you very much” – all I can say is it is a start I suppose.

I actually have been a little hesitant about this trip because it is not like a real vacation – we are actually planning on moving here. Will has been so excited about it and I was excited for him. I just hoped I would be equally as excited. I mean the prospect having fresh fruits and vegetables that are safe to eat off the street, cleaner air, clean drinking water out of the tap and bathrooms that have heated seats, wash your ass for you and even play music at the touch of a button – who wouldn’t like that? But stepping off the plane, all the smells, pollution, squat toilets and overall grime of Shanghai was comforting because it was the devil that I knew!

Although Japan is MUCH cleaner and the fashion sense of the women here is absolutely amazing (thus no future blog spread on fashion faux pas from Japan), it also seemed much more foreign than Shanghai. I don’t know if that really makes sense, but hey it is how I felt.

So after 5 days, with a few mini side trips and the early success of learning the beginnings of the massive train and subway system Will asked me at breakfast how I was feeling. I had to say in all honesty that this devil wasn’t so bad after all… : )

Pictures of our brief little side trip to Kyoto….

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Wow what a nice day I had. I wasn't sure if I got to count this year, but Will and friends assured me I did. With my feet up ready to pop in a chick flick (Will is in Japan this week), I realize that at 7pm this evening this will be the quietest and most relaxing mother's day I'll ever have. But I have to admit, I'm looking forward to a little chaos next year. :)

My 1st Mothers' Day -

5:45am wake-up - yes yes, I tried to sleep in, but hey I'm pregnant and had to go to the bathroom.
7am - Wished my mom a Happy Mother's Day and confirmed plane tickets/timeline for their visit this November.
7:45 am - French Toast breakfast made by my darling husband
8:15am - Wished Will's stepmom Carol a Happy's Mother's Day and confirmed travel plans for them next spring
9am - Wished Will's mom Ann a Happy Mother's Day and discussed travel plans for her next spring as well.
10am - Kissed Will goodbye as he was off to the airport for his trip to Japan (don't worry, I get to go back in a couple of weeks for my first visit to Osaka!).
10:15 - Prenatal yoga class - OM!
12:00- I made my own "light lunch" and caught up on election coverage on CNN! Go Obama!
1:30-3pm - Can't forget my maternity nap!
3:30-4pm - nice walk to check out a new french concession shopping area (uh, and where I know there is a new spa that offers prenatal massages - you know...to check it out for my patients).
4-5:15 - Who knew there would be an opening *today* for a prenatal massage - NICE!
5:30-6:30 - another walk over to ANOTHER little shopping center where I bought a good medical mystery book to read this week as well as a travel book on Japan. Oh yeah - and there is a great little French Bakery (Pauls!) that just happens to have takeout - Le Poulet sandwich and Red Fruit tart - yummy!
7pm - feet up on the coffee table, finishing the tart and time for another viewing of The Devil Wears Prada.... Hey I was a little tired and didn't have time to stop off at the fakie DVD store for some new movie options.
Estimated bedtime - who cares!