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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Morphing into motherhood....

My first thought on this blog's title was "molting into motherhood," but that gave me visions of gore with my arm falling off and being replaced by an extra nipple to feed my 90th%tile child with...however, more realistically/subconsciously I probably just meant I was/am in dire need of a pedicure... can feet molt? Mine should.

Anyway...Morphing sounded like an "easier, gentler" transition and not quite so melodramatic - hello, so not me... but in thinking about the last, gasp, almost 5 months, I had some thoughts and actions of my new adventures in mommyhood that caught my fancy that I wanted to remember and laugh at some day.

Things I’ve learned about about me and parenthood…thus far

10. Stating the obvious first – whoa, it’s tough! 1. You all weren’t kidding on the sleep deprivation. 4 hours+ in a row is now considered fabulous! 2. Why I thought I could do this whole motherhood thing half way around the world is beyond me. If we survive and have #2 (don't hold your breath grandparents), I know the Grandmas will be closer than a 14 hour plane ride fo sho.

9. Dude, can I produce M-I-L-K or what…

8. A good babysitter (that also can clean) is priceless.

7. I never ever thought I would be one of those women that made their own baby food (then again, what else do I have to do and the Japanese offering of Cod and rice cereal doesn’t sound appetizing even for me at this point). And, uh, ditto on using cloth diapers on occasion. Granted the closest I’ve come to gagging was when changing it for the first time and it was only a #1 diaper. Not sure what will happen when #2 decides to appear in one of these things. Now it seems I’m not really sure how to define “those women” anymore because I’m still certainly not one of “them.”

6. Along the same lines…we are now one of “those” parents who have recently submitted Finn’s application to preschool in Austin for either the Fall 2010 or Spring 2011 semester...yes, we paid a freakin' application fee. Talk to baby daddy.

5. What can you accomplish in 45 minutes? We are amazed at how efficient we have become with our 45 minutes, (cooking, cleaning, laundry - no the housekeeper doesn't do it all) when that is all babyFinn will nap at any one time.

4. The importance of the semi-automated “bottle warmer.” The bottle warmer which I had previously thought was …yeah, put in on the baby shower list and not worry if I got it or not...to wow, what a versatile appliance. We seriously have used it for the obvious of warming up a bottle and baby food, but our “off-label” uses include: warming maple syrup and melting butter for Sunday morning pancakes; however, I think our most ingenious idea came when I realized the sake carafe fits nicely in there to heat up adult drinks as well! …Replacement for a microwave?.. dare I say yes (I say that only because we really don’t have one)! So I apologize for my lack of mommy memory, but whoever gave me this priceless piece of equipment, I should bring you back some jewels from the orient. **If anyone has any other possible uses for this magical machine, please pass it on.

3. That I can survive being sick (with an actual fever!) and taking care of the kiddo who didn’t seem to think spending the day in bed with mommy was all that entertaining and thus we didn’t.

2. Will’s “Trifecta of Ps “ – you mustn’t walk around with more than one of the following on your being at any one time: Poo, Pee, any type of Projectile fluid coming out of your baby. Dare I say I have been successful in following said rule; however, I have gone to bed with dried pee on my shirt (not intentially) and just the other morning Will asked if I had already fed Finn his pumpkin for breakfast .. I said, "Duh, honey, no..... he usually eats apples/oatmeal cereal for breakfast and pumpkin/sweet potato/rice cereal for dinner, why do you ask? (and no he was not kidding). Fear not, I do have a feeling one day soon I will break this rule.

1. Don’t believe the adult (especially a male adult) who has no children when they tell you a restaurant is “stroller friendly.”


Blogger Jenny Helm said...

LOL. Love this!

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Mary said...

Hi Tracy,

I had to laugh and thought back when my mom insisted that I use cloth diapers to save money. OMG!! I realized that I couldn't live with the "pot" of water/bleach solution in the bathroom that held the soiled diapers! And that meant rinsing the #2 diapers in the toilet before throwing them in the "pot" to be washed later in the day or !!!gadzooks!!! later in the week. I don't care if I have to give up food, disposable diapers are worth the extra money.

6:29 AM  

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