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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Part II - The Lords of the Underworld Awaken

See Part I in the previous blog....

Since I didn't have the greatest night sleep last night (where did the sleeping 7 hours a night babyFinn go to?) - and since Will has morning duty with the kiddo, I was trying sleeping in a bit, I had cracked open my eye and saw it was 6:45am and thought - oh good, I can get at least another 30 minutes of snooze time in (yes 715am is sleeping in - shut up) .... then a few minutes later my bed starts shaking slightly and I think "I wish Will would be more careful about trying to 'sneak in' to get something from the room." I crack open my eye again...you know... enough to give him a dirty look (ok a sweet dirty look)... and realize he is not there and the bed is still shaking a bit. Arrhhh?? I'm awake now and wonder if what I'm thinking is what I'm feeling.

I get up and find Will and Finn in the kitchen. I asked - "did you feel that?" - and he said - "oh well, I thought you just hit the wall getting out of bed and that was why the spoons/pot on the wall swayed." What, have I become some kind of super hero that I can make the walls shake now? So I'm thinking maybe "bring it on" in the last blog was not the best choice of words if I was not really wanting to challenge the lords of the underworld, but I still didn't want to believe it.

As Will is playing with Finn and pretty much ignoring my anxiety, I'm desparately searching on the internet for confirmation that we did in fact have an earthquake around here. No sirens went off and the gas didn't turn off (which I was told would happen if there was a major earthquake - defined as 5.0 or above for the Japanese), so that was a little bit of a relief but have I become *this* crazy? That's a rhetorical, don't answer that.

I finally found the US geological website about earthquakes (which is now of course bookmarked) and it lists all the earthquakes around the world in the last 7 days at magnitude 2.5 or above - okay - the list is pretty impressive - I had no idea how many earthquakes happen every day. But I did find one in Japan at the exact time on the clock that I felt ours. It was about 80 miles away, but it was pretty shallow (only about 6 miles deep) which is probably why we felt it. So, after many weeks of dreaming about it - the anticipated, dreaded event happened and it wasn't that bad. But to the lords of the underworld - I get it - I got it - I'm satisfied with my earthquake experience so you all can go back to sleep (unlike me) for a long while - like until after January 2011.


Anonymous Melissa Lane said...

Tracy, YOU are sooo funny!! I LOVE earthquakes ... as long as they don't hurt anyone ... I feel the roll of my house - starting from the garage, into the great room, into the basement and I go - "YES, we just had an earthquake!!" All my friends call to confirm that we all felt it and we go on with whatever we were doing ... Enjoy the rock-n-rollin!!

8:31 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

We use this site which lists all the earthquakes in Japan. Its amazing how many there are every day - just little ones usually...


Mike K

12:09 AM  

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