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Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Moyer Cousins with BabyFinn

Merry Christmas and Peace be with you

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Claxton Boys

Ah, I finally get to meet Daddy Ray. The boys actually outnumber the girls on this trip - but that will be short lived! Being in Taos with Daddy Ray and CC is really quiet so far...but now all I have to play with are 3 black furry things....no cute blond girls to make me laugh...but my mommy said to wait until tomorrow...I'd get to meet up with two more cute blondies. See you soon Meg and Eliza. I miss you Hanna, Maddy and Lilly Rose - see you next summer!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Reunited and it feels so good....

Ah...Daddy's back! Oh did I miss him and he missed me. He has been holding me and smiling with me the last few days! What a cool Dad he is and of course he still thinks I'm cute and B-I-G! He and mom are going to have to figure out how they are going to hold me for any length of time without having back and arm pain....but at least their biceps will look good!

Here's a picture of me and Daddy - he liked my shirt!
The other picture is of me in my new Bumbo seat! I can practice sitting up and start banging my hands on the tray table! Fun!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More fun with the Baillie Girls

The count down is on for Daddy to fly in to see me! I haven't seen him in 1 month...he is going to be so surprised at how big I am. In the meantime, I'm enjoying more time with my Baillie cousins. Uncle Brian's mom let me borrow a bed for me to sleep in and so I'm being very good about sharing since the ladies all like to take turns in it as well - although Grandma and mom have to watch close since sometimes they want to kick me out altogether and have it all to themselves. Well only a few more days until I get to meet Daddy Ray and CC in Taos, NM and then it is on to Flagstaff, AZ where I'll get to meet Uncle Kip, Aunt Beth, cousins Meg and Eliza, Aunt Katy, Aunt Clover and Aunt Missy - but most of all... we can't wait to give MaMA a big hug and a kiss. I bet they will be a lot of fun too!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Great Aunt Mary and Great Uncle Bill

Are just that - GREAT! They drove all the way from Lansing (about 2 hours especially in the snowy weather) to see little ole' me! Yeah, I was a little crabby, but they liked my cheeks and all was forgiven. That Uncle Bill is one funny guy - can't wait to show him how big I am next summer!

The other picture is ANOTHER picture of me smiling, then ANOTHER picture of me taking a (short) nap with my dog brother Happy Scrappy.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fell Asleep All By Myself!

...with a little help from my wubbanub "frogger" - no one was holding me and I was not being fed - okay, so I polished off a 6oz bottle of mom's good stuff about 45 minutes before ! We were practicing sitting up and I was getting cranky, so mom put me on the couch and I thought wow - this is much easier and much more comfortable than the floor - but then it was just too comfortable and I decided to take a few sucks on my pacifier and then tip over and crash out on the couch.

The other picture was from the night before - it was Grandpa's turn to give me a bottle and I thought I'd just kick back and put my feet up and be a full participant in my favorite sport - eating!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More pictures of the big boy

And mom and dad thought they were going to be able to avoid battery operated/loud toys for me for a while...no dice... my favorite toy at grandma's is a bee on wheels whose antennas light up and play music. I really dig it - especially since he keeps me entertained when mom is wiping my butt and changing my diaper - man those wipes are cold. I have no idea what happened to those warm wipes we had at the other place.

Sit and spin

The weather outside is frightful, and there is no fire and no place to go - we decided to practice sitting up. Thank goodness Grandma is around otherwise mama would just expect me to just magically sit up by 6 months of age... duh. So with one foot of snow and more each day, and despite an occasional?! outburst that mom is making me work too hard, we are enjoying our "inside time" for now. We miss you Daddy!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pictures for Daddy

Here are a few pictures so Daddy can see how much I'm growing and how much I'm smiling lately. I finally got to meet my dog brothers and I think they are a little jealous, but are coming around. Hanna did a great job of feeding me as did the other cousins! We had a great Thanksgiving as well at Aunt Sandy's and mama got a well deserved break and did not get a chance to hold me much - Grandpa thinks my hat is a little goofy, but all the ladies thought I was adorable! Uncle Roger was trying to find some guy time while mom was shopping to introduce me to the cult classic "Beastmaster" - but mom was thankful he was not able to locate a copy. I'm sure looking forward to a double feature of Beastmaster and Clash of the Titans some day with him. I was so tired after all the attention this past weekend, I made it home and have been crashing with mama on the couch for naps!