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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fell Asleep All By Myself!

...with a little help from my wubbanub "frogger" - no one was holding me and I was not being fed - okay, so I polished off a 6oz bottle of mom's good stuff about 45 minutes before ! We were practicing sitting up and I was getting cranky, so mom put me on the couch and I thought wow - this is much easier and much more comfortable than the floor - but then it was just too comfortable and I decided to take a few sucks on my pacifier and then tip over and crash out on the couch.

The other picture was from the night before - it was Grandpa's turn to give me a bottle and I thought I'd just kick back and put my feet up and be a full participant in my favorite sport - eating!


Anonymous Melissa Lane ... said...

Finn is just GREAT!!

12:51 AM  

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