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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Before you all stop reading because you think I’m going to start quoting Numbers and describe in detail on how I came in to being. To quote my friend Lorraine – “Be foh real”… and lets remember my obcessive personality and think the obvious – yes, it’s another blog about my hair.

Since my 35th birthday has come and gone and we are on the brink of 2008, my question this is year is: When do you make the decision to “age gracefully?” All I can tell you is that I ain’t there yet. My past trip to Austin took me to my favorite hairdresser – who not only is a size two, but gorgeous! She will be forty next year and she is planning on getting a boob job. Say what? Why would you do something like that? – this is of course coming from me as she is dying my hair back to the color I originally had in high school.

Red heads – their personality only BEGINS with the hair color – but that is another story. I’ve had grey hair all of my life, and when I was 12, I remember a hairdresser tell me with certainty that by the time I’m 35, I’d be grey. Gasp! Although it wasn’t quite true, I do seem to be developing a poltergeist type grey streak down right side of my bangs. The thing with the hair color is that red hair slowly gets lighter as we age. Well, 1. it is not going so slowly anymore and 2. Why did I spend all that money years ago making my hair blonder? Did I think that would make me look smarter? He he, had to throw a little blond joke in there.

So throwing caution to the wind, I decided to really go a dark auburn and now that it has been only 6 weeks, I realize my error – ROOTS! This means I can either travel back to the US with greater frequency or really more practically – I have to find a hair dresser in Shanghai. I’ve gotten a hair cut, but coloring brings it to the next level.

Well in any event, I had another fabby birthday with friends and my lovely husband. I have to give him credit – he actually surprised me this year with my gift – a strand of saltwater pearls…nothing to compete with Barbara Bush, but beautiful just the same. Thank you schmoopy!


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