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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Paying it forward (we hope) in China

I know there is both rich and poor in the world – I see it on TV all the time. Seeing it in person has been tough. Will has colleagues in his office building that work for Ferrari and they tell him tales of the 20 somethings that are out there that have way too much cash (as in $300,000USD to purchase a new car). At the same time, when I walk down the street, I see people who make a living going through the trash to find plastic bottles to recycle for 1 cent each. The sudden riches that China has found in the last 10 years is definitely not passed on to the majority of its people and in general I feel the they have yet to develop really into a giving nation. How can then when I see so many struggle to find food daily.

So, I bring in Patty (the nicest woman in the world) who has shared with me her feel good mission in Shanghai – a sort of pay it forward – at least we hope so since we have gotten her driver Samuel involved. As we go through our diet cokes, laundry detergent and milk jugs… instead of throwing them away, we save them. When we get a big bag full we bring it to Samuel who in turn drives around in whatever part of the city we are in and sees if he can find a person in need who is digging through the trash. One day I happen to be with him when we spotted someone and we pulled over. The guy started to run away, but Samuel called him back and gave him two bags. When the guy looked in to see all the bottles (mind you – probably less than 40 cents worth) he was so overjoyed that he started bowing to me like – well I just can’t describe it. It probably meant a good potato stew for his family for a week.

I have always liked random acts of kindness and this reminds me that I need to do it more often – and even 40 cents means something to someone. We’re hoping that Samuel likes this feel good mission as well so he will continue to pay it forward.


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Good for you!

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