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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tentacles and Testicles…

Immediately after landing back in Shanghai (from our trip to Bangkok) we got a call from Jerry (Patty’s husband, but more importantly Will’s new boss in 2 days!) inviting us to drinks and dinner with him, Patty and the CEO/owner of the company and his wife. We land on the WAY other side of Shanghai and leave the airport at 5pm and supposed to arrive to have drinks by 6:30pm. Thank goodness I showered at the hotel that morning in Bangkok, but still – that was about 12 hours ago!

We get back to our apartment at 6:30p (Will’s phone battery died and therefore couldn’t call to update anyone) – we ran in, plugged in his phone and then called. No worries, they were running late as well. Whew – time to put on deodorant and brush my hair.

We arrive for drinks and the CEO and his wife split us up for the first individual grill session. Will seemed to be doing well at the other end of the table while I’m trying to go with the flow and not look too stressed with the ultimate Tai Tai in front of me. First round done!

Next stop dinner and we switch places and the CEO wants dirt on MY husband. Telling this man that my husband is the most wonderful and brilliant man in the world wasn’t going to cut it either. I, of course, scored big because I found out he was from Cleveland and I threw out – “So aren’t those Indians doing well, they beat the Yankees!” Dude, I think I almost got knocked off my chair by the slap on the back.

Stop number 3 – The Blarney Stone Pub and well passed Will and my bedtime. Patty and Jerry failed to mention the owner and his wife were professional social drinkers and after pre-dinner drinks and several pitchers of sangria at dinner, the 3rd round of beer was closing in on my feeling no pain as well as a little looser with my tongue.

The big boss and I were still chatting away and I was trying to impress him with my international food experiences from duck tongue to haggis (don’t ask if you don’t know). And, yeah, this is where it gets a little fuzzy…. He supposedly leans over and agrees haggis is terrible and then adds, so are tentacles. My reply: “Yeah, I don’t like testicles either.” In my defense, it was a loud bar and I’ve heard of people eating various forms of animal testicles and so I thought that is what he said. He of course roared with laughter as I blushed several different shades of deep red and then I received another one of those pats on the back and a smile.

I found out the next day from Patty that Will and I passed with flying colors. I’m trying to figure out my take home lesson to share with everyone on how not to embarrass your husband when meeting his boss for the first time, but hey – just say tentacles. It’s playing it much safer, but not nearly as entertaining.


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