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Friday, November 09, 2007


Well after barely returning from Xi’an and the Terracotta Warriors we are now off on an around the world tour in the name of Sachem! We are stopping in Austin, TX for the annual sales conference and Will gets to hang out and bond with the sales guys at the Lost Pines Resort and Spa in Bastrop – must be nice. Hey, I get to steal the rental car for a couple of days and go get my hair done and of course, re-familiarize myself with my shopping options in the greater Austin area. I’m also probably going to be stopping by my old stomping ground of Brackenridge Hospital to see if I can hawk some more jewelry. ☺

After a week in Texas, it is off to Amsterdam - where Will gets to visit one of the other offices of Sachem. The office/factory is about an hour south of Amsterdam so that just means that Monday and Tuesday Tracy gets to take the rental car figure out how to get back up to Amsterdam OR go forth in search of the autobahn! I mean how hard could it be - maybe Will will let me rent a BMW! Then again, who can afford the gas these days.

After a few days in Europe we part company and Will takes the obvious choice of continuing to fly East from London to Shanghai which will get him back in China by Wednesday November 22nd. For me, American decided to give me the ultimate challenge and said you can pay $5000 for this world tour OR $1800 with one 48 hour catch…. I have to fly WEST back to Chicago, spend the night at the O’Hare Hilton on Thanksgiving Eve and then fly back to Shanghai on Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, my splurge (and to save my sanity) - I upgraded this last leg so I at least sit in business class. I’m hoping they’ll give me some turkey, stuffing and a stiff shot of eggnog to get me back to Shanghai. Yeah yeah, I don’t think I can convince too many of you to feel sorry for us.

We’ll take lots of pictures! Shout out to Eliza, Meg, Hanna, Maddy and Lilly Rose – Santa may be bringing you all some wooden shoes. ☺


Jenny H said...

Yeah...pretty hard to feel sorry for you..

2:11 PM  
Anonymous said...

WOW, could't you stop in Detroit and have Turkey with us? Lucky you, world traveler, miss you Love Aunt Sandy

2:20 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm Laura's friend in Austin, who is moving in January to Shanghai. She gave me all this information, but I don't have an email, I have a few questions seeing that you are a young and free person in Shanghai. We are bringing over our babysitter, to help the transition, and hoping that she will take advantage of Shanghai, and find a job, and stay. I need some young, hip things to do, and a group of people to get involved with, for her, of course. Me? Need a rocking chair, and a bottle of Jack and a spitoon! Just kidding. Can't wait to meet you, and I suppose, get started on this crazy adventure, which will probably turn out to be not so crazy after all. Oh well. Appreciate any help here. Soozi Graf
I need your email!

10:49 PM  

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