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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Happy Holidays from Shanghai...again

Can't believe it is coming up on our second Christmas here in the PRC. We once again went out to get another fake Christmas tree - last year's got stuck on the back patio and was covered with at least 1 inch of soot so I decided it would not make the move to the new place. So this year we went back to my boring, uh, "classic" tree - white lights a bunch of red ornaments and one blue and white porcelain one from our recent trip to The Netherlands... Yup, we are pretty boring around here.

So Will is now off to Seoul, South Korea this morning and I am getting ready for some more excitement at work this week. So the latest exciting news is that the week after I returned from my US/Europe extravaganza there was a company wide email announcement that our COO (aka the guy who hired me) is resigning to move onto a bigger position with a hospital system in Dubai. Very exciting for him, but leaves me without a fearless leader. Now he could have been the best used car salesman out there, but lets face it - he was an expat and he understood what the expats wanted - the administration that remains, still seems to not have its act together. My immediate boss is none other than a former colonel in the Singaporean army who likes nothing better than to run the clinic staff like a bunch of soldiers and has no customer service skills whatsoever. And LASTLY - returning back to the infamous Dr X - he is resigning completely and moving back to the US.

So how many 'signs' does Tracy need to say this is a good time to back off from some of the duties at this crazy place. So far that is what I have done. The sad thing is that the less often I run into my current "colonel," the better I enjoy my job. I seem to be hearing voices calling me back to the world of self-employment, Chinese lessons and tai tai lunches, but for now I am using my improving patience to take a wait and see approach. We should be finding out this week who is taking over the COO role and what 2008 has in store for the life and times of Shanghai General Hospital.


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