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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

if you can't beat him, join him or have him join you!

This phrase must have originated with parents everywhere that have children that do not nap. And I laughed at my Dad who was having difficulty trying to outsmart my 3 year old niece Maddy - now I'm wondering how to outsmart a 3 month old kiddo who doesn't seem to like his naps. I truly understand how getting the advantage over laundry is a new challenge as well since it is now 6pm and I'm still looking at the basket of clothes I was going to fold after getting back from our morning walk taking Daddy to work. Sigh....

So after carefully putting Finn down around 4pm I started in on making lasagna in our new easy bake oven and after that - brownies! Well at 4:20p Finn starts screaming (yes I even set the timer so I wouldn't go in there immediately). So I get him up and say what the heck - and moved his new mini-seat that attaches to the countertop in the kitchen and proceed with making lasagna. I bring over some of his veggie/fruit rattles and get out a plastic cup and bowl and in the end he seemed to like my Rachel Ray impression.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and glad you arrived safe and are getting settled it. Finn's had lots of jet lag and so many changes for a little guy. Give him time and all will fall in place. By the way he's growing, I think Finn just wanted some lasagna and brownies for dinner.


8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is adorable. I love his smiley face. He is happy to see mama cooking. How is Osaka? Are you settled. Are you going to learn Japanese now? Can you show us some pictures and how is the weather? I know nothing about Osaka. Take care, Marina.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Fabulous Melissa said...

Rachel -- I mean Tracy -- YOU ARE SOOOO FUNNY!! What an incredible experience you are having -- also, way to go with being pro-active, that is an incredible MOM ... Have FUN - keep patience with your baby; its okay if everyday is different - be grateful you have this amount of fabulous time to spend with each other ...

Love YOU,


1:39 AM  

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