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Friday, January 09, 2009

Osaka baby!

Well we have arrived safely in Osaka and are still in the midst of jet lag - or at least dealing with a jet lagged baby. It is not fun at all, but really truly, our kid is a rock star. Since he was 6 weeks he was kicked out of his apartment and has been in a different bed probably every 2 weeks at most. He has been in 3 countries in 5 weeks and so I say he can be a little cranky, but oh still so cute! We thought we had his room all set up and then I started reading this montessori book that I got for Christmas and now we are going to change it up again - no more crib for Finn - we are going to try a mattress on the floor and some other suggestions in the book. Well we'll do all this when the baby monitor arrives from the US. His room is ALL THE WAY down the hall. So I'm still a freaky first time mom and what if he cries and I can't hear him. Well that is probably the key to getting him to sleep better and longer (and mommy too) if I don't poke him or pick him up everytime he makes a sound in his bassinet which is usually less than 2 feet away from me at night.

Anyway, we are trying to carry him less and with these lovely heated floors in the apartment he has found that he doesn't mind being on the floor so much - now tummy time is a different story, but he is getting better about spending more time on his tummy without screaming bloody murder and guess what - his arms are getting stronger! Go figure, right? ;) And after a couple months of should I or shouldn't I introduce cereal (is it too soon?) - we went ahead and tried that too! All these new things for him to do. Although he seemed to get more of it on himself than in his mouth. I guess that is how it works at first anyway.

Since Monday is a holiday in Japan our friends Toshi and Kimiko are taking us to THE "baby store" tomorrow. So we are getting our list and checking it twice on what kinds of toys/items we want to get and how to organize it. It is a shame we haven't organized the rest of our boxes, etc... but at least we got our new oven out and yes yes - we have made a pound cake. Boy did we miss an oven in Shanghai.

Okay - I just heard the little one wake up from his nap. We'll see how long I can let him babble...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummmm, please name the book you are reading about putting babies on the floor w/mattress, truly interested. Also, I found my dress!! xoxo

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally, some time for you guys to settle in! We should be settling in soon, too. Final walk through is planned for Wednesday the 14th.

2:07 PM  
Blogger willandtracy said...

The book is Montesorri from the start - the child at home from birth to age three. Christmas present... very interesting so far.

5:19 PM  
Blogger willandtracy said...

yeah for the walk through on the 14th! Yippie back at ya!

6:01 PM  

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