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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where has Miss Scarlett been hiding…

It is pathetic to think it was none other than my Dad that had to bitch slap me back to reality while I was home in March. I’ve been leading the good life no doubt, but since Will started working for Sachem, the life of this Shanghai Tai Tai has gotten a lot smoother. I barely take a taxi or the metro (subway) anymore in lieu of the “company driver” – and despite me reducing my hours, our fabby maid still makes her appearance 4x a week. It is this la la land that I was contemplating losing for a possible move to Japan later this year. Yes, Japan… home of cleaner air and even cleaner water that you can actually drink out of the faucet! We will find out in about a month or so if we get to make the move. Will of course is totally excited and I am too for that matter – but whatever shall I do without a driver or a maid (it is a lot more expensive over in Osaka).

As I’m dreaming of the potential problems of not having a nanny to help with the upcoming arrival, my father clears his throat and says, “…excuse me, your highness? You are worried how you are going to take care of yourself and the baby when you don’t have a job, maid and driver? ” I think he might have added “pah-lease” to the end of that sentence, but I don’t recall exactly because my face turned red and I began to chuckle with him on how those thoughts could have possibly come out of my mouth. Yes, I’m ready for a barrage of grief from friends and family on this. Have I become this dainty? It was not that long ago that I made fun of these women! Thank goodness I have not attended any bazaars or coffee talks recently, but only time will tell. All I know is when I got back, I worked most of last week, took the metro, the taxi and used my good ole walking shoes to hoof it the grocery store. Heck, I even helped Will make homemade corn tortillas last night – gosh I feel better. Otherwise, what will this kid think of me?


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