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Monday, November 17, 2008

2-4-6-8 Who do we appreciate?

Well last night Will and I appreciated Mr Finn for sleeping not 2, not 4, could it be 6 (sounding like an infomercial now) - no no - Finn slept from 9pm until about 5am!! Now Mama only slept for about 6 hours because I kept making sure he was breathing after 4am....thoughts of diabetic coma running through my head - how could a 2 month old sleep for 8 hours in a row!! I was trying to figure out reasons I could poke him and wake him up but finally my sane reasoning (now returning with more sleep for mommy) kicked in and I went back to sleep - well kind of. Now I know last night does not mean this is some sort of trend...but once again - I'll take what I can get. Now we just have to work on cranky time between 4-7pm where he gets so overly tired because he doesn't really nap during the day.

Anyway - today is our last full day in Shanghai and it is a busy one. My parents are making one last trip to the pearl market for me since I think a bag of gems got accidentally got shipped to Japan. Sigh....that just means I can start on another new shipment! :) I have a couple last minute get togethers with friends and a trip to the human resources offices of Parkway - where only two days ago they were trying to convince me that I still had their laptop computer (turned that in about a year ago) and that I OWED THEM 1400 RMB (about 200 USD) for cash advances that I supposedly took out (uh, never took out a cash advance from them). I need to play it cool though because I need to get one very important piece of paper from them so I can get my visa renewed next year under Will.

Okay - well - I'm going back to enjoy Finn and Grandma this morning and run and take a shower! See you in the US soon!


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