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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome Grandma and Grandpa Lebel!

Well Grandma and Grandpa made it and I've was totally impressed how they made it through jet lag with minimal problems! I'm usually physically sick the second day, but my parents are like energizer bunnies and kept going and going. Finn and I had to take a break today with Grandma so we could take a nap while Grandpa took the driver to the Shanghai World Financial Center - which boasts (for now) the highest observation deck for people to go to - 100 stories - at least until the building in Dubai gets finished.

We did some bargaining madness yesterday - so I impressed them with my Chinese language and bargaining skills - well not really since my bargaining skills have gone in the pooper - but we had fun and Dad (aka Clark W Griswald) got some great pictures.

Still on tap for the rest of the week - a walk along The Bund, a trip to ZhouZhong (a water town) and maybe a Confucious temple. It is crazy that I waited 2 years and 3 months to finally be a tourist in this town.

In the meantime our "stuff" is on its way to Osaka, Japan. The apartment is empty - so sad. We came to Shanghai with 13 boxes and a guitar and I think Will said the movers packed up about 100 boxes to ship out! Good grief. I think at least 50 have some link to Finn - I guess we think he needs lots of stuff!

Tomorrow I'm off to my last get together with my little mini-moms group - we have all delivered our babies and so hopefully we will get some great group shots and promises to stay in touch. Some of us will some of us won't I'm sure - but I told them if any of our kids show up on my doorstep in 16 years, we'll take them! So Finn will have the same opportunity - we have lined up: Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, and have plenty of stops across the USA.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW, I can't wait to meet Finn and see you Tracy. He is getting so big. GLad they made the trip and enjoying you as a tour guide. Wish we could be there and be a tourist with your Mom and Dad. Maybe we will make it to Japan. Getting ready for your arrival, we are all excited for your visit. Travel safe.
Love Aunt Sandy and Uncle Roger

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL....love the Griswold comment, "real tomato ketchup Eddie?" China is like Wally World, right?Too funny! Glad you are all having a good time and AJ/UD made the flight w/out any hassles.I'm sure there will be lots of stories come turkey time! Enjoy your last days in China and with your new mommy friends, how lucky that you all made such lasting impressions and have such fond memories of your time in China. Still, I can't wait til your on US soil again! Tell everyone hello and give Finn a hug around the neck and a kiss on the cheek!xoxo~Carie

5:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS~Why no pics of G & G with Finn or sightseeing! Come on Aunt Jan, you're in CHINA!! Give us a smile! :-) Love you!

5:51 AM  
Blogger willandtracy said...

Well the good pictures of the folks are on Dad's camera - I'll work on that this morning...

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally, proof that M&D are REALLY in China, and didn't just fly to some remote river boat casino! Um, are there casino's there? Wall City, anyone?

Finn looks ready to wrestle Lilly. "And in this corner, weighing in at ..."

While you won't be able to stay at the new house during your first stop, you will be able to see a fully finished kitchen with slate floors. There will be a bathroom or two available for use (trust me, that is a HUGE win!)

The steam shower, inspired by Will's parents first house in Taos, has yet to be finished.

BUT... your final stop back in Denver, if I have your itinerary right, should include staying at the new house.
Love You!!!! See you in a week!!!!

4:37 AM  

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