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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today I took Finn and Grandma and Grandpa to Parkway (Formerly World Link) for a tour of where I worked for the last ~ 2 years and where Mr Finn made his grand appearance. Jennifer and Angel (holding Finn) were my two midwives that helped Dr Kong with the delivery. The other picture is Dr Yang the neonatalogist who (I felt) was the most important person to be there during the delivery - she is an amazing doctor and I knew if Finn needed any kind of resuscitation (thank goodness he didn't) I wanted her there.

But the other reason I had to stop by is to official resign. Sigh.... I will miss the doctors and nurses I worked with, but the sad administration still leaves me frustrated - I wished my ladies well and said I would stay in touch and send pictures of Finn so they know he is growing up big and strong!


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