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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So Will and I have enjoyed our local Pizza delivery service about once a week - we think it is magically delicious that we can find a Canadian here in Osaka that knows her pie. Yes, it is true, you know you have been in Asia too long when you *think* you have found:

1. Good BBQ - Bubbas in Shanghai
2. Fabulous Mexican food - El Panchos in Osaka
3. Cheesy yummy pizza - Shanghai and Osaka

Thank goodness most of y'all will not have the opportunity to burst our little dreamworld over here.

That said - Saturday was a nice day - Dad took the kiddo to the company picnic and Mommy had some glorious time to herself of which she did very little because she couldn't remember what that was. So instead of doing anything useful like coming up with a gourmet dinner to repay her wonderful husband with... she, uh, I said "lets have Pizza night" - Dad agreed and called our said cheesy yummy pizza restaurant.

As we are getting babyFinn ready for bed, the intercom buzzes and I run to answer it and low and behold someone starts speaking in Japanese... I respond...Pizza? and start buzzing her in only for her to start speaking in English - oh where are you from? I oblige and say the US because yeah, whatever, I want my pizza. She said in broken English "Oh, I'm Jehovah Witness, do you know about Jehovah." Oh I *know* about Jehovah, but the last thing I wanted to do was listen to a Jehovah Witness in broken English try to convert me. Pizza - yes very interested in finding out more, but Jehovah, not while I'm waiting for my pizza. I know, I KNOW...I did a double whammy this time....Not only is my Catholic guilt kicking in, but my Japanese etiquette guilt brought an even larger twang to the pit of my stomach.

WWTJD? What would the Japanese do?


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