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Thursday, September 25, 2008

I get it, I get it, I don't get it, ah eureka!

Well I know for seasoned parents out there these stories will be a bore but for me they are hilarious and a good way to laugh at myself for realizing I don't have to be super parent, perfect parent or have things figured out in a week.... Although I *thought* I understood that being a parent makes your ontime early schedule a thing of the past, I really had no idea.....

I was feeling pretty good yesterday - shower and dressed and a little bit of make-up. Was going to go for a walk with my new stroller - I decided this at 9am and by 11:30am I still had no idea when I was going to go for this first "outing" - I had so many things to do. Then after eating a PB&J it was 12:30p and I decided that instead of a walk my first outing would be to load Finn up in my sling and walk across the parking lot to Patty's apartment to hang out there for a couple hours and see what kinds of things I forgot to pack in the diaper bag.

Finn was asleep so I thought the perfect opportunity to get him in the sling and walk him over - WRONG. I'm kissing my husband goodbye and load him up and the sling is really kind of small for him and of course me trying to get him in it the first time was interesting and woke him up and so he started screaming bloody murder. I'm talking I"M ALMOST OUT THE DOOR (uh, door was actually open, but never crossed the threshold I was that close!). So instead of walking across the parking lot, I ended up closing the door, removing the sling, feeding him, then changing his diaper and at that point it was close to 2pm and I was exhausted! So much for the big outing! I took a nap instead and apologized to Patty - who being a parent naturally understood. :)

Well - in the end we did end up making our first outing downstairs to the Japanese restaurant to treat Patty to dinner for helping us out cooked meals our first two nights home and just being there for questions- this outing of course with the help of Will and our new stroller! Can I just say the kid was a gem. I had feed and changed him into a cute outfit - I had on a cute outfit - and we brought a bottle of breastmilk along just in case. He slept the entire time! About 10 minutes after we returned he got cranky so I feed him and THEN we even gave him his first bath. I of course cried because he screamed non-stop for all of the 5 minutes we took to bath him. Geez - hormones make me goofy!

Well - tomorrow's challenging outing - car ride to the US Consulate to apply for this kiddo's passport! I hope the line is short!


Blogger Not Your Aunt Bea said...

You're doing great! Tip for the sling- practice when Will is there until you get the hang of it solo. It really just does take practice. And you love reading these blogs when Finn is older- you'll be amazed at some of the stories and what a wonderful mom you are!

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is funny ;) Reminds me of when Hanna got upset at the Library because I said we had to leave story hour because she was being disruptive. Which meant Lilly had to go too. Hanna proceeded to (scream=given) crawl under the table, take off her shoes and socks, throw them across the the library. She then stood up, took off her shirt and ran to the fire exit. Which, she of course, set off. Oh, wait, I think the difference is that Hanna was 5 and knows better... but I still cried. (note: Lilly, no light weight, was tucked neatly under my arm, I think she would have broken a sling)

So, when you come to visit, please don't ask why we are not allowed to go to the library (jk) The books are ALWAYS sleeping at the libraries in Arvada. :)

12:08 PM  
Blogger willandtracy said...

Kelly you make me cry because I am laughing so hard - you always seem to find a way to trump my blog stories and I love it!! :) I feel much better about yesterday! Tell Hanna to keep HER shirt on. Love Aunt Tracy

1:51 PM  
Blogger Jenny Helm said...

I am so proud of you! Though, I notice this same trend with all my friends who are new parents... they say they're coming & then they feed the baby and take a nap instead! ;) Teasing! Love you.

8:38 AM  

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