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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

40 weeks and 1 day

We continue to do a little nesting here and there and Will even admitted he has a little womb envy? Say what? I told him I'd be happy to find a strap-on 20lb belly for him if he really wanted to try it, but he of course means the whole baby development process is pretty cool which I have to agree....he did say he would prefer not to have the back ache and constipation however. Hmmm selective motherhood - but I told him it is all or nothing and so he agreed I was doing a great job.

We went to see the doctor today and things are all normal. Just for the record - I'm not overdue and I *promise* to let you all know when this kid makes his appearance. Although I do have to admit I secretly put our suitcase in the car today in hopes the doctor would miraculously say I was 3-4 cm and I could stay - but since my contractions are really not that strong it was of course, wishful thinking. I'm making slow and steady progress and will go back on Friday. In the meantime I still get to enjoy whatever I want to eat, my maternity naps and more walks around the block. Oh yeah and giving my husband the puppy dog eyes and tell him that my feet hurt, can you rub them for me *again*? ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Mama~
I've been thinking about you and wondering what is going on over there in China. If you lived in the States I would be calling every hour to get the update on your condition. What the Finn is going on? Where is he? Let him know that I can't wait to meet him.....love you guys! Tell Daddy Will hello too! Miss you! Take care and enjoy the quiet time!
Cousin Carie

11:31 PM  

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