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Monday, June 16, 2008

The kid is spoiled already

I'm not sure I'm fully recovered from jet lag after returning from our quick trip to the US - I'm thinking waking up at 1am and not falling back asleep until 8am is a sure sign that I'm not. That or I could just be pregnant! Finn's kicking is definitely getting stronger and I feel that it is a sure sign he will be a world class soccer player and will then be able to support his parents financially by the age of 18. :)

Anyway - After landing in Chicago on June 4th Will and I went our separate ways to divide and conquer to see as many family and friends as possible. Well, okay, Will did a much better job of sharing the wealth of his time and energy - I on the other hand stayed put at my childhood home base of Grand Haven, Michigan. It was going to be a quick trip with the main purpose of seeing family and collecting baby gear.

As our 8 bags (yes 8 if you include our carry-ons) of luggage proved (with 3 more still coming over from different folks coming to Shanghai), I dare say we succeeded in this undertaking. To all those that helped in this endeavor, Will, Finn and I are truly grateful. I think we have about 100 onesies and/or sleepers, 30 pairs of socks, several blankets, books, puzzles, hats, lotions, potions and a groovy new stroller - not to mention Ma-Ma's donation of about 400 diapers and industrial size box of wipes. I think the kid is set until he is about 9 months old (well except for the diapers anyway). Will and I had to do another round of cleaning out our closets to make room for Finn's stuff and he isn't even here yet. We figured it was the first of many sacrifices!

Only a couple pictures this time around - one from my baby shower in GH! And the other is of my cousin Carie and me with her new beau Steve! He is awesome!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad we were able to see you on your short visit home. It really meant alot to us that you made the trip to Howell and I'm thrilled you got to meet my one and only beau-Steve. He is awesome and I'm super happy The Lebels got to meet him. Already looking forward to Turkey day! Love you!
ps...Steve thinks he's super cool for making the blog!

2:18 AM  

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